Aris Sarrigiannis, proud of the products produced, sure to organic production process and for his insistence on maintaining the chain of life with pure and natural way, it seeks certification as proof of the “truth” with which he lives and professionally active.

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Certificate 2 of Olive Oil 2019

Olive Oil Awards 2017

Olive Oil Awards 2018

Certificate of Superfood Honey with cumin (Nigella Sativa)

Certificate of Honey 2019

Certificate of Honey 2019

Certificate of Olive Oil 2019

Cerificate of the olive oil 2017-18

Certificate of Superfood Honey with Pollen (Nigella Sativa)

Cerificate of the olive oil 2016-17

Certificate bio-olive oil 2016-17

Cerificate of the olive oil

Certificate bio-olive oil

ISO oil-press

Honey Test report

Honey Test Report II

Declaration of conformity

Certificate of compliance for glass containers