From his very first beekeeping lesson, Aris fell in love with them. He multiplies them, he sells them and starts over again. Working with bees is half of Aris Sarrigianis’s existence. In his truck, he takes the bees to where the herb or tree he has chosen blossoms.

Each type of plant is chosen for its healing properties, its colour, its flavour and its fragrance. For Aris, beekeeping is a high art form, which he teaches to others with a great sense of responsibility, initiating them into its secrets. Today, at his side is one of his pupils, Constantinos Tsakiris. Together they follow the honey trail, sharing their knowledge, their concern and their love for the bee hive. They tend to the bees and the bees give their “fruit” in return: a pure, rarely found honey of the highest quality.

A honey which has not been heated, “baked” or “burnt”; a honey which has not been mixed with other honeys; a honey which has not been corrupted with essential oils or other additives. Aris and Constantinos respect the toil of their bees, and the best proof of this can be found in the unique quality, flavour and nutritive value of their honey.