The house

A large, white cube, its wooden door imposing despite its smallish size, the house was built of stone, bricks and earth in 1815 and was home to Aris’s mother and her ancestors before her. Today, this house, which has been declared a monument by the Ministry of Culture, is Aris’s home and workshop. With one-and-a-half-metre thick walls and wooden floors, the house consists of a basement divided into four rooms; a ground floor with four bedrooms, a large living room with a corner fire place, and a kitchen filled with countless tools which were found in the house and are lovingly restored and displayed by Aris during the months when there is less work.

Upstairs there are more spacious bedrooms featuring large double beds and bookcases, and a sitting room which is almost always buzzing with people who come here to learn, to be inspired, to be initiated into the art of beekeeping or producing pure olive oil, and then to move on, in order to be replaced by others.

In this wisely built house, where the temperature remains almost always constant, Aris has set up his household, with tonnes of oil resting in the basement inside stainless steel containers, waiting to be distributed, and large quantities of different kinds of honey, which will also make its way, eventually, to consumers across Greece and the rest of the world.