Starting out

Having decided to become a farmer, in 2000 Aris Sarigiannis left behind the harbour city of Piraeus and a lucrative business, and went looking for the essence of life in the village of Trikeri, South Pelion, in the pressing of olives and the food of the bees. For him, olive oil and honey became objects of learning, research and knowledge, quickly turning into a passion and remaining ever since at the center of his attention. There is always so much to learn and do!

Aris went to the School of Agriculture, where he attended 300 hours’ worth of seminars, absorbing every drop of knowledge with his mind and soul. At first, he only learnt about oil. It was his teacher Themis Soukos who urged him to try his hand at beekeeping. Themis began teaching Aris the secrets of keeping bees. By the second lesson, Aris had already bought two hives. Today he has around 200.

It all began with the 60 or so acres left to him by his mother, filled with an astonishing 3,500 olive trees. Abandoned to the ravages of time yet still magnificent and fruitful, the trees were simply waiting for a human touch; someone to prune them, to let them bear fruit, to let them be watered by rainfall and then to free them of their load. The olives were picked by hand, in the traditional way, at the right time. Aris went looking for an oil press whose owner shares the same concerns as the producer; someone who puts the same kind of artistry in his work. And he found him.

Aris Sarigiannis runs aládano with the help of some very special people. He produces oil and olives, honey, honeycomb, propolis and pollen; he teaches and initiates young people into the secrets of the bees; he has house guests whom he introduces to the process of the olive, the care of the olive grove, the tending of the bees, the surrounding sun and sea.