The harvest

Beginning on October 15th, four people – the same ones each time, friends and co-workers, the people of aládano – each day pick approximately 800 kilos of olives.

This first oil, made from green (unripe) olives, is Aris’s favourite. Full-bodied, young, rich in valuable nutrients, and fragrant.

On the first day of the harvest, the work is planned out and the machines which will shake the trees and make the olives fall are checked. After they fall from the trees, the olives are gathered, sorted and placed in crates.

Sergios, Oleg and Yorgos start work early in the morning. By evening they have picked enough olives to send to the olive press. The olives are placed in crates, which are then loaded onto Aris’s truck.

At 10 o’clock at night, Aris gets into his truck and takes the olives to the olive press in the village of Kato Gatzea, 60 kilometres away. He drives there and back every day for a fortnight: 1,800 kilometres to make sure the olives are pressed under optimum conditions.