The oil press

Aris has made an agreement with Yorgos Evangelinos, the owner of the oil press, which is used to press only organic olives. This agreement requires that all the equipment be scrupulously washed, so that there is no trace of other olives or any impurities when Aris’s olives are brought in to be pressed.

First, the olives are washed two or three times in cold drinking water.

On a conveyor belt, the olives are taken to the crusher, where they will be broken into tiny pieces. The crushed olives will then enter the malaxing (mixing) phase. At a low temperature (cold press), these 800 kilos of olives will surrender their juices. Slowly, surely, naturally. In this way, the final product will not be deprived of the flavour, the fragrance and the nutrients that distinguish it and classify it as pure, extra virgin olive oil.